About us

General introduction

Dai Kim Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Dai Kim Plastic Factory, was established in 1987, operating in the field of manufacturing PUR foam products and other types of foam for industry, household plastic products. industrial plastic parts and uses.

Over 30 years of operation in the spirit of continuous efforts, constantly promoting technological improvement in production and business, Dai Kim Joint Stock Company has affirmed its prestige in the market with 3 outstanding strengths:

  • Producing engineering plastic components and PUR foam cushions with high quality, full service.  
  • Line management specializes in closed production from input materials to finished products.  
  • Capacity to meet bulk orders in the shortest time. 

For many years, Dai Kim is proud to be the leading company in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing PUR foam mattresses and high-quality foams with the sole mission: "Building prestige and pride for products. Vietnamese brand plastic”. In addition, the company also achieved many achievements in production and business activities and created jobs for hundreds of employees, contributed billions of dong to the State Budget and was honored with many national standards. expressions like:

  • Labor Medal Grade 3 signed by former President Le Duc Anh and conferred;
  • Certificate of merit for successfully completing and exceeding the annual tax payment obligation with the Hanoi Tax Department, awarded by the Hanoi People's Committee;
  • Prestigious and high-quality products voted by Saigon Liberation Newspaper and People's Newspaper; 
  • Foam products won the title of favorite products voted by consumers organized by Hanoi Moi Newspaper;
  • The Hanoi People's Committee and the City Science and Technology Council awarded the Thang Long Prize for the solution of cutting children's toys by non-metal laser method.

As a company that develops on a solid foundation, Dai Kim is proud to maintain close cooperation with foreign partners from Japan (Canon, Toyota Boshoku, Honda, LIXIL...), Korea (Samsung). ...), Europe, America... Dai Kim is committed to bringing partners and customers professional experiences based on the difference in management and the orientation to apply science, technology, equipment modernized to create competitive advantages in the context of global integration.

In the period of 2021 - 2025, Dai Kim Company aims to continue to expand cooperation, joint venture and association with foreign partners for breakthrough growth in production and business activities.

outstanding achievements

8000 m2 Factory Area
ISO 9001:2015 Quality certification
More than 20 Awards Reputation
03 Strengths Outstanding


Strategic vision
Understanding the needs of the market, Dai Kim has developed a strategy to become the number one supplier in domestic and regional market share of key products including PUR foam, Foam, High-grade plastic household, High-grade engineering plastics and many other products. This strategy is especially effective when the PUR foam manufacturing industry is an unpopular industry in the Vietnamese market, as it requires coordination of technology and equipment as well as the experience and expertise of the Dai Kim company's technical team with over 30 years of experience.
Utilizing cutting-edge processes and technologies to deliver the highest-quality products and services in order to meet the market's expanding expectations for a diverse range of utility, economic, and environmental values for all partners and consumers.
Core values

1. Customer-centric
2. Development based on science and technology.
3. Determination of brand value based on the quality of products and services.
4. Responsibility to society, community, environment
5. Secured employee benefits.


Le Van Quang

Le Van Quang

Deputy General Director
Pham Duc Ha

Pham Duc Ha

Deputy General Director
Nguyen Hong Hanh

Nguyen Hong Hanh

General Director
Le Quang Hung

Le Quang Hung

Deputy General Director
Hoàng Xuân Phương

Hoàng Xuân Phương

Deputy General Director