Interior – The taboos in feng shui and the solution

Interior – The taboos in feng shui and the solution

Please refer to the taboos in feng shui and the solution. This is not the only conclusion that feng shui science has reached. However, it will undoubtedly assist you in balancing your life.


- In front of the house there is a big tree or a dry tree:     

In feng shui, if there is a dead or dry tree in front of the house, the owner will have to suffer a lot of sadness and live alone. As a result, it is required to chop all of the dry trees in front of the home and not plant just one large tree. If a large tree cannot be cut, place a bright light or hang a red picture (of Fire parity) in front of the door.     

- The house opposite the roundabout or intersection:     

If the house faces the roundabout or intersection, the air will shine directly into it. A murderous air will lead to conflict, discord, and family separation, which is not good for family members. If such houses exist, they should only be utilized for business purposes and should not be occupied.     

- Mirror in the bedroom:     

In feng shui, mirrors have the effect of reflecting any negative qi (energy flows). It's not a good idea to place mirrors randomly around the room. When you're lying in bed in the bedroom, avoid looking at yourself in the mirror. That's because it's bad for your health, and it keeps you from getting a good night's sleep.     

- The rafters obstruct the bed or the altar, the kitchen:     

The locations of the rafters generate relatively strong and often killing qi. It is exceedingly inconvenient to situate the bed right under the rafters or at the bottom of the stairs. Relocating the bed or covering the rafters with a horizontal piece of wood or paper can solve this problem for homeowners. This will reduce the bad effects of the rafter. The same applies to the kitchen and altars.     

- Two houses with main doors facing each other:     

Having opposing main doors in Feng Shui creates an unfavorable energy flow since the qi of one house will pulse right into the door of the other, causing one house to be negatively impacted. The Bagua mirror or the door wind chime can help you conquer this obstacle. In Feng Shui, the mirror has the ability to reflect incoming qui, but it must be utilized with caution and not employed randomly because the mirror can also reflect good qui.     

You can also utilize a pair of Nghê, Guan Yu Statue, a Buddha statue to guard the door, or hanging crystal balls to negate the positive energy.     

- Houses with driveways leading directly into them:     

Positive qui will bounce back into the house if there is a road leading directly into it. Living in this house can attract illness and loss of fortune. To get around this, you can either use the Bagua mirror or erect a large wall to block it. You can also use a pair of Nghê, Guan Yu Statue, a Buddha statue to guard the door to expel negative energy flow.     

- Houses with steep slopes that flow directly into the house:     

If a steep slope runs right into the home, the qui will either pulse into the house or will stream directly onto the street. Like blood veins in the body, energy runs through the house; it must receive growth qui and expel negative qui. The qi flows in a winding manner, not directly     

in or out. To lessen the negative qui, several steps must be built up and down, and curtains must be hung on the door. On a steep slope smashing into the house, place a stone dog, a pair of Nghê, a Guan Yu statue, or a Buddha statue.     

- The house has a main door connecting to the back door:     

If the main door connects to the back door and the middle door (if any), it will form three interconnected doors. The incoming qi will be completely lost, and the owner of the money will not prosper, lose money, or be able to keep the fortune. In this case, it is necessary to repair the door or put a folding screen in the middle so that the main door no longer connects with the side door. You can use a glass ball to hang in the connecting position between the two doors or use a dragon-headed turtle or Tam Da statue to cover the side door.     

- The house is directly hit by a sharp corner of another house:     

The sharp corner of another house falling into the house will cause havoc, cause discontent, and waste money.     

- The house has a high front and low back:     

A house with a high front and a low back, according to Feng Shui, means the owner will lose money and reputation as time passes. So, immediately erect a high wall behind the house, with a few light rods shining on the roof behind the house. The gate, door, and retaining wall in front of the home should all be lowered. Increasing your home's prosperity by incorporating additional interior features and qi artifacts.     

- The kitchen of the house is exposed right outside:     

Feng Shui believes that the kitchen is a wellspring of wealth and should be hidden from view by those entering the house through the front entrance. It is taboo if standing at the door of the house has seen the kitchen clearly. You should overcome this by rearranging the kitchen or using a folding screen or stool to cover the kitchen.     

- Bed facing the room door:     

The bed should not be situated opposite the room door since the qi from the door will pulse directly to the bed, causing health problems for the sleeper. Therefore, you should move the bed or arrange curtains at the door.     

- The kitchen is located right next to the sink or on the tank:     

The kitchen is of the Fire element, which cannot be reconciled with the Water element. As a result, do not place the kitchen next to the sink since the Water element will overcome the Fire element, reducing the kitchen's growth energy. The sink, refrigerator, and water containers should be placed far from the kitchen.